07 March 2008

Skate or Die! That's Unsane!

I'm slightly under the weather, so today I've been rather lazy. While taking it easy on the couch, I was thinking back to the days of The Box, wishing I could dial in a video request.

But this is 2008. Now we have youtube.

Listening to: Unsane - Scrape

Anybody remember that video?

Update: I never requested a video; my parents would've killed me for calling a 900-number.


  1. Oh lord, I remember The Box. My cousin and I use to call in videos and wait about two hours before ours showed up.

  2. I use to love The Box...we were instructed NOT to call. 'Jealous' of anyone who really did.

    Here's to hoping you feel better soon.

  3. I've never seen that video before. But it's

    ... AWESOME.



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