18 April 2008


Woo Hoo! My first earthquake! I’ve always wanted to be in a minor earthquake, just to see what it feels like, and my dream finally came true.

I was fast asleep, because it was something like 4:30 in the morning, when I awoke to the bed shaking and the windows, pictures and mirrors on the bedroom walls rattling. It's impossible to know exactly how long the sensations lasted because I was sleeping when it began. I sat up in bed and exclaimed, “What IS that!?!?” James promptly replied, “It was Marshall.”

For those of you who don’t know who Marshall is, he’s our cat.


Granted, Marshall’s done some crazy things (one of which ended up with a dislocated toe and a $117 vet bill), but I knew this wasn’t his fault. The whole house was shaking.

James challenged my “No way!” with “Way!” and “Shyeah, right! You explain it!?”

Though I knew it was not Marhshall's fault, I had no clue it was an earthquake, primarily because it was 4:30 and I was in a sleepy-stupor, totally confused about the situation. I was pleasantly surprised to learn we had a 5.2 magnitude earthquake that was centered near West Salem, IL. Per Google maps it’s roughly 147 miles from our house to the earthquake epicenter.

Fast forward to around 10:15 am today. We had an aftershock and from what I hear, it was a magnitude 4.5.

It didn’t last too terribly long, though I have no idea how many seconds. At first just a few knick-knacks were rattling around, and then one fish in particular really began rocking back and forth. Immediately my dog came running into the office and hid under my desk, then the house really started shaking. As I sat there looking up at the ceiling fan above my head, I wondered when I should get up and run for cover.

Then it all ended.

Immediately my husband called to discuss the safest earthquake zones in our brick home, circa 1920. Awesome, this place was MADE for earthquakes (not)!

Did you feel something? ...Be a part of the USGS quake statistics by completing a quick survey.


  1. I was at work during the aftershock and totally jumped out of my chair, eyes welling with tears, and shaking. Now my boss thinks... no, knows that I am unstable.

  2. totally woke up, said "what the hell is that?" to jeff, and promptly fell back asleep. but i've been reading through everyone's earthquake survival stories, and i think yours is the best-- no one can beat james claiming it was marshall the cat!

  3. I thought it was a storm rattling my windows, but then thought "why is my bed moving" and then went back to sleep. I was in the elevator during the aftershock and didn't feel it.

    So yeah, history was made today and I was supremely unconcerned. :)

  4. You are not the only one to blame it on your pet. I woke up and thought it was our black lab's tail wagging. Then I thought it was Chris's leg shaking or something. I hit him so he would stop. He didn't wake up or stop (obviously) so I just went to sleep. Then woke up to find that it was an earthquake. DANG!!

  5. Are you sure that it wasn't just your muscles reacting unto all of the unnatural stuff that yoga demands of them???

  6. Me too, me too! Just haven't gotten around to blogging about it yet... which I WILL!

    My cat, Ikarus, didn't even budge. He was fast asleep on the couch while I ran about trying to find a shirt so I could get out of the basement without flashing the rest of the house.

    I think this was my 5th and 6th earthquakes. This one, however, was fun - only had one other "fun earthquake."

  7. Really you would like to be in an earthquake?! Damn, crazy american lady! ;)

  8. I was in my first here in California a few months after we moved out here last year. What shocked me was how LOUD it was. It sounded like a really, really huge truck or something. I was not expecting the rumbling noise. And the motion is weird too. But at least you expect them in California.



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