01 April 2008

Typical, April Fool! She’s a she, not a he, Dude.

Tonight a friend of ours was over and, like a gazillion people before, he (over and over again) called Nico – who’s a her - a he.

And again, dude, she’s a she, not a he.

I think it was a mindless, innocent statement, impulsively made during a brief moment where he caught Nico off guard and was able to give her a loving pat on the head while he muttered, ‘How ya doin, boy.”

Nico inner monologue:
BOY!? I’m fuzzy, blonde and cute.
Do I look. like. a. boy.?

Seriously, dude, she’s all feminine and shit.
Stop calling her a he, him or boy.

Except you.
You can call her a he or him sometimes and I won’t take offense.
You have a good excuse.

Nico...Still Enjoying the Ride

Good question, Rebecca; Nico is a Wheaten Terrier mix.

Listening to: Something weird - courtesy of James


  1. Well, at least no one can make fun of her for her mommy dressing her funny!!! That is, unless you photoshopped the picture. You didn't: did you???

  2. You are cute and beautiful, Nico! Love the hairdo too!

  3. @fishhawk
    No photoshopping here! I didn't even adjust the colors!

  4. I love Nico! What breed is she? (I do the opposite, by the way. I call all dogs 'shes')



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