06 April 2008

Weekend Recap, in the form of a quickie

James went to Colorado for a few days and I partied like a rockstar. Well, mostly I ate pizza for every meal and stayed up way past my bedtime.

Late night shenanigans

Of course, I took a few too many pictures so it's going to take me days to sort through them. For now, this one might be my favorite. Terra and I were walking from one place to another on Delmar when we passed a construction wall, blocking our view of whatever was going on back there. I spotted this opening and yep, they're building stuff on the other side of that pressed wood eyesore wall.


  1. Wow, who's the girl in the photo??? Now, she could turn-me-on if my wife hadn't hidden the switch!!!

  2. Love that picture! What a strange opening. Wasn't this weekend gorgeous? I wish I would have taken the time to head to the park!

  3. I want to eat pizza like a rock star!

  4. Pizza everyday toally sounds like rock-star partying to me... does that mean I am getting completely boring and old, or just dieting too much?



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