30 May 2008


That was the expiration date on our salad dressing.

I discovered this just as I was about to pour my buttermilk ranch over the salad I had slaved over for at least twenty minutes, boiling eggs, filling our bowls with spinach, chopping up green peppers, avocados, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms and my hard-boiled eggs.  James even grilled chicken; I chopped it.  

Wow, this healthy dish sure looks tasty.

I barely finished sprinkling the salads with bacon bits and croutons when James pointed to a small pile of yellowish goo on his salad, "Uh oh. This doesn't look right."  I tried to convince him that this was peppercorn ranch, it's supposed to be clumpy and discolored.  Though it looked, smelled and tasted just fine, my buttermilk ranch was expired, too.  They both bore the same expiration date: 30-JUN-2007.  


While we were hiking around on the Big Island of Hawaii, our ranch dressing was slowly beginning to rot away in the fridge.

Wow. I'm observant.

I didn't use it even though I was slightly tempted.  As James pointed out, I just dipped my chicken in it on Monday.  It tasted fine then.  How much could it have really changed in the last four days?  

I immediately washed the bottles, placed them in the recycle bin and headed to my nearest grocery store.  The drive gave me plenty of time to contemplate how, for the last eleven months, I've enjoyed expired buttermilk ranch dressing on everything from salads, to veggies, to chicken.  Great.

The new bottle expires in January.  I've marked it on the calendar.


  1. You drove to the store? Where is your bicycle?

  2. I wonder if I have an expiration date printed on my bottom side, some place I can see?
    Life is full of the little unsuspected events!

  3. I doubt we ever had to throw anything out because it expired. Not that we pay attention to that stuff. We just eat too much for anything to sit around.

    : )

  4. I just ran into a can of soup from 2006. In my defense, it looked like a 2008 but then I realized, nope! I purged the kitchen of all 2007 items - we had a bottle of dressing that I'd been using that expired in Dec. No food poisoning here!

  5. Sounds completely like something I would do.

    And that salad? Sounds totally scrumptious.

  6. *shudders in disgust*
    *shudders in comraderie*
    *heads to kitchen*

  7. I cleaned out my BF's pantry and found canned goods from 2005 and 2006, a box of 2007 Cheez-Its buried at the back, and other random half-eaten boxes and bags.

    I clean out my fridge weekly, because I'm just that anal-retentive.



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