13 May 2008

April photos bring May blog posts

I take at least one photo every day. I have no idea of what, or why, since I don't edit my pictures on a regular basis.

Over the weekend I began organizing photos from last month and upon closer review I've noticed a pattern: I like to take pictures of stuff that doesn't really matter. Sure, the month started off great with a trip to the zoo that resulted in some fabulous photos. However, along with the good, I tend to take pictures of things that make you go, huh? Or, why? Sometimes, even Ewwwww!

So what kind of things did I photograph in April?

I apparently was still on some sort of funky Post-It glue-high from the Obsessive Compulsive Post-It Disorder post. I took more pictures of Post-Its. What's up with that?

A portion of my post-it collection

About a week later, I attended the StlBlogger gathering at Atomic Cowboy. I only took two photos the entire night. One of them was a self-portrait of me doing a last minute mirror check for anything that might be stuck in my teeth. The other important moment I just had to capture: this coaster.

So if you're looking for someone to document meaningful events, maybe you should talk to Raquita, Tojosan or my friend Teresa. If you're interested in circles, food, flowers or maybe the condiments at Home Depot, then maybe you should contact me for your photography needs.

Condiments?  Anyone, anyone?

Listening to: Bjork - Big Time Sensuality


  1. This cracks my sh*t up. At least you're regularly taking photos; I think that's gotta be half the battle.

    My favorite is your teeth-check!

  2. I've taken THOUSANDS, even TENS OF THOUSANDS of pictures over the past couple of years. They all vanish into my wife's scrapbooking empire.

    At least now that I've gone digital, I have copies of them, too.

    I take pictures of weird things, too. They always look better in my mind, though.

    Just a couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of SCISSORS. Yep, I need help.

  3. I love your post-its photo - it's very artistic. I may frame it to represent my post-it obsession. Total credit to you, dude, of course!



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