14 May 2008

Thank you Dryer, for not turning off automatically

We have an old dryer. One of those clunky models with a circular dial instead of a new-fangled digital panel of some sort.

This dial is broken

The dryer no longer turns off when the timer runs out.

Regardless of what's in the dryer, I always use the Timed Dry setting and set the timer for 30-40 minutes. At the end of the cycle it will buzz quietly for a few minutes and then go on to the next setting. After air drying the contents for thirty minutes, it buzzes - again, quietly - and then moves on to the next cycle.

It will do this for hours and hours. Like if you leave the house and head to the zoo on a Saturday.... when you return three hours later the dryer will still be on.

And this is why I've posted a note-to-self on the main exit door.

What does this remind you of?

The only way to stop this cycle of madness is to open the dryer. So before you leave the house, ask yourself, "Is the dryer on?"


  1. I had a washer once that I had to trick into doing the rinse cycle or it would just go spinning soapy clothes and turn off.

    Aren't appliances supposed to make lives easier?

    Like your blog btw.

  2. Oh no! Can you buy a new timer or do you have to buy a whole new dryer?

  3. The power line behind our house got hit by lightening one year. It killed all kinds of electronic things...including the dial/timer on the washer. The washer would work appropriately for the current position of the dial, so we manually advanced to the next cycle. If we forgot, the washer could, for example, stay in the spin mode FOREVER.

  4. We're probably going to (eventually) buy a whole new dryer. And washer. Because it has this whole leaking problem.

    I'm sure the pair is considered an antique, or classic, by someone's definition.

    And neither are energy efficient - even by the standards of yesteryear.

  5. When you have extra money always whisper around appliances... they listen and usually decide that's the right time to break down.

  6. You could always get one of those obnoxious wind-up kitchen timers that buzzes really loudly and keep it on top of the dryer, and set it when you set the dryer. Not that this would help when you accidentally go to the zoo. But it might remind you to open the door when at home.

    Here's hoping an awesome appliance sale is just around the corner . . .



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