09 June 2008

A Family Affair

The last week has gone by so fast. I did so much, yet accomplished so little. Well, I didn't get a lot of homework done, but I've caught up with quite a few family members.

On Monday, I cranked out three small assignments for one class, turned them in and headed to my Uncle Doug's. I arrived some time after four in the afternoon. We sat around, drank beer, ate pizza and talked. And talked. And talked. All. Night. Long. Seriously - we stayed up until at least five in the morning. Then I couldn't sleep. Then the sun started coming up. So I drove home.

As a result of this, my Tuesday was all messed up. I slept a few hours in the morning, a few hours in the afternoon, then got a major headache after dinner. That sucked.

Wednesday I spent the day in Homework City.

Thursday morning I ran a few errands. Before noon, I headed out to Fort de Chartres to visit my Uncle Ron who was camping there. I thought I'd hang out for a few hours, he'd tired of me and start dropping hints that I needed to scram, I'd get the hint and head home. As it turns out, we had lots and lots to talk about. So we talked. And talked. And talked. Until I absolutely had to leave... it was after six in the afternoon. I decided to take the super-scenic way home, which was awesome because I had to come home, do laundry, and then pack.

Friday we woke up and drove to visit James' sister, Julie, where we stayed with her for the weekend. On Saturday, James went fishing with the boys (and small children) while the girls stayed back and had a baby shower for Julie.

Sunday, we ate a great breakfast, waited 31 minutes, then went swimming. Because I'm so graceful, I may have broken my toe (again); while walking around the pool, blowing up an air mattress (not looking where I was walking) I walked right into some sort of plumbing apparatus that was sticking up on the sidewalk. The tell-tale bruising is just lovely.

Then we packed up and drove home.

Now it's Monday. Again.


  1. That sounds like a fun week! Well the broken foot not so much, but otherwise yay!

  2. Wow, you sure can pack a lot into a week!

    Nice job on the toe - you should see my bruise from Dave Matthews. Not personally, darn it, but incurred while at the concert, in a breathtakingly dumbass way. 'cause that's how I roll.



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