14 June 2008

A tough act to follow

I love it when someone memes me, yet I rarely respond to them. Why? I think it’s because I read what the other person wrote and tell myself I can’t write anything nearly as clever, ingenious, or meaningful. I still feel guilty because I never responded to Baol’s meme or Courtney’s

Sorry, guys.

I’m apologizing because I’m doing a meme today, but not responding to either of yours. Heck, I wasn’t even invited to do this particular one. I’m just following Kim’s lead.

I am: starting to feel restless. It’s nice outside but I want to go swimming. Unfortunately, there's nowhere for me to do this.

I think: I’m supposed to thank God for this next answer. But I’m not going to.

I thank: James for taking good care of me. He does.

I know: what I did last summer.

I wish: gas and food prices weren’t so high.

I hate: green beans.

I miss: waking up in Hawaii.

I feel: like a lusty seagull.

I shop: as little as possible. I hate shopping.

I hear: my dog barking and growling in her sleep.

I crave: a new purse. I really want a new purse.

I wonder: what it will be like to own a dishwasher.

I dream: about being a mom and having a family.

I love: lamp.

I care. That two word sentence sounds really sarcastic.

I always: have a hard time waking up, regardless of how many hours I’ve slept.

I celebrate: somewhere else. Our house is small; we only have two kitchen chairs.

I sing: horribly.

I cry: when I get really pissed off.

I don't always: silence my burps. I know it’s not lady like, but sometimes a burp deserves a good pull.

I totally write: the way I speak, dude.

I pray: I don’t.

I lose: stuff all the time. I like to say that I live somewhere between total organization and mass fucking chaos, but I actually live in a disaster zone.

I listen: to music when I'm by myself. Which is all day.

I am scared: for the planet. Humans seem to be destroying it.

I dance: all the time, and somehow I’m still horrible .

I need: a total makeover. Then, I need a personal shopper to help me maintain the makeover.

I surf: the Internet in lieu of watching tv.

I dread: going to the dentist.

I anticipate: our upcoming home renovations. Wait, maybe it’s dread that I'm feeling.

I laugh: at fart jokes.

Tag. Terra's it.

What the hell, Jessica, you're it, too.


  1. I spit coffee out my nose when I got to 'I love: Lamp.'

    Ron Burgundy, I wonder how many people got that. . too funny.

  2. Very nice! Love your burp comment! You and Maddy should have a contest. She swears that root beer is the best burp-inducing beverage.



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