02 July 2008

Rain, rain go away. I’m for serious, rain. Go. Away.

...because we need to pack up our campsite and then head out to dinner, come back and enjoy a hot fire on our twelfth - and final - night of camping in the Black Hills of South Dakota. But, NooOOOooo, instead of packing we have to wait out a storm that seems to never end.

On the bright side, it’s more than a quarter-mile walk to the camp headquarters and we’re somehow able to pick up a wireless signal right at our campsite, number 105 at the Horse Thief Campground, though it’s slower than balls dial-up. To pass the time, I'll post a few observations I’ve made while here:

- Stainless steel dishes are loud when you drop a stack of them onto a pile of rocks. Also, they bounce everywhere and are likely to incur a few dents.

- Kilt + Iron Maiden T-Shirt + an androgynous partner = just as weird as it sounds.

- Some tent campers are totally unprepared. Like last night, when it’s nightfall and a family shows up and proceeds to take their brand new tent out of the box. We know how to set up our tent, and it really sucks to do it in the dark. Why in the world you’d decide to set one up for the very first time in the dark is above and beyond my level of misunderstanding. To be brief, James spent nearly an hour setting up their tent.

- Every. Single. Day. Some goofball sets off their car alarm. When that person hits the Panic Button it echoes quite well throughout the valley. You better believe that I’m hitting our Panic Button at the butt crack of dawn, just before we pull out of the campground.

- Did you know baby caterpillars can look a lot like maggots? They fall from trees, too.

- People enjoy walking their dogs to other campsites. You see, it’s so much better when other campers have to deal with random dog shit. Seriously, yo! Since you know what’s going to happen (you’re about to walk your Shit-Zoo Mixed-Breed dog near my tent so he can take his after dinner dump), stick a fucking baggie in your pocket because A) we can see you; and B) it’s only proper etiquette to pack out your dog shit from our campsite.
Thanks, The Management.

Listening to: NIL8


  1. Jnet! Jnet! Come home and play with me!

  2. jeannette!!! So much time!! Hope all is good, kisses from Italy :*

  3. Oh thank god, I was beginning to think you'd been abducted by aliens!

    I agree with all of your observations. May I also add the idiots who forget that they don't have soundproof walls in their tents so when they argue/yell/talk smack, we can all hear them.

  4. @hi! i'm kim

    Yeah, one night we were sitting there when suddenly, we heard sirens, screeching tires, cars crashing... because our neighbors were watching a movie.

    Also, remember that tent James set up for a different neighbor? The dude came over and complained to James, that he put it up wrong and all of his stuff got wet. Um, A) it was dark; B) it wasn't even James' tent; C) James had never seen this tent before; D) again, it was dark; E) what the hell, dude; F) maybe it had something to do with the fact your tent SUCKS because it's that cheap-ass Ozark Trails brand where the rain fly doesn't even cover the whole tent.



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