15 July 2008

A slight miscalculation

For three weeks I've been freaking out because I thought my final class assignments were due on August 1st. My deadline was slightly miscalculated by yours truly; the actual due date is October 5th.

That changes everything.

Houston, we have a party!

Gay tortoise sex

Hey Courtney, there's that gay tortoise sex you were interested in. (It's not what you think people. I'm referring to her comment on my last post.)

This fun moment occurred in the Reptile Gardens outside of Hill City, SD. Soon after we came into the tortoise area, we spied these two love birds getting frisky. I thought to myself, "huh huh. Turtle sex." Then I thought, "Hey man, aren't these things like 120 years old? We're watching old people sex. Ew."

Once the excitement wore off, I asked the very young lady working the tortoise corral if it were normal for turtles to do it for fun. Her answer was a giggly, "Yes, they do it for fun all the time."

That does it. Now she's got me curious.

Me: So, um, how exactly do you know they're doing it for fun and not doing it for baby making purposes?

Her: They're all boys.

Me: That rules out the "baby making" theory.

Her: Oh yeah, they do it all the time.

Listening to: NIL8 - Apocalypse Man

Update: ~static~ left a comment that made me think I should clarify ...
I support gays. I don't want someone to ever read this and think I'm gay-bashing in any way, shape or form. I have family and friends who are gay, I go to gay bars with them and ya know, I think every open minded person should experience a drag show at least once. It's a fabulous time.


  1. That's got to be, like, the best feeling ever. I had one similar (though nowhere near as awesome) situation. I think I'll drink some wine to celebrate. For you. I need a reason.

  2. 120 yrs no Viagra, there is hope for tomorrow. I better start eating turtle soup now.

  3. I guess those turtles single-handedly blow the catholic belief that homosexuality is against nature right out of the water.

  4. Woot! Cocktails all around!

    Um, the turtles? Wow.

  5. congratulations on miscalculating your deadline in the good way, I've done that in the bad way and it stings a bit.

    And now I can check "gay turtle porn" off the list of things I need to see in my life.

  6. @Jeannette - just to clarify my comment I didn't think your post was meant to be offensive towardsor about gays or lesbians really.

    Your description and observation touched on an element of humor and my remark was meant to reinforce the humor in your post.

    I admit my comment seems a bit biased against the religious community by in part because some members of that community are discriminatory towards gays and lesbians. I do not justify my remarks as being absolute, because there are many religious people who are a bit more open-minded than that.

    However, I don't feel that anything contrary to acceptance or compassion for persons who struggle with any challenge or personal freedom is a very "forgiving", non-judgemental, nor "christ-like" attitude to have towards our fellow human beings.

    During the 50's and 60's the civil rights movement for citizens of color was born of almost the same struggle to achieve fair and equal treatment as everyone should deserve, but it seems discrimination still is deeply ingrained in the minds of persons who don't seem to accept diversity.

  7. The turtle pics remind me of the time I took my daughters to the zoo when they were about 5 and 7 When we got to the turtle exhibit this is what they were doing, along with making the loudest sex growns I have ever heard. Nature is not always easy to explain to kids!



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