09 July 2008

When Absentmindedness Attacks

Remember yesterday when I twittered about my missing car keys? Well, the story begins on Monday evening when James was about to make our plates for dinner. The neighbor called and asked if we could move my car back a few feet so he could mow. I was finishing a load of laundry so James moved my car. It turns out, my keys were left in the ignition (car unlocked) until last night. At first I thought we were lucky that nobody stole my car, a red mustang, which has already been broken into twice before, until today when I tried to leave and discovered the battery is dead.

I could've easily done the same thing.

Though I've not done that before, my absentmindedness causes me to forget things and lose stuff all the time. I have a long list, somewhere, of things-to-look-for, things I have misplaced; of course, when I tried to find my list for this blog post, I discovered it's missing. I'm not surprised. I'm also not worried because I know it'll turn up. The things I've lost are almost always recovered. Hell, even when I lost my cell phone for a month, told everyone I knew that I must have somehow accidentally tossed it out the window while driving down the road (which is dumb logic considering I don't make it a habit of tossing things out the window), it eventually showed up under the front passenger floor mat of my car.

I wasted a whole bunch of time looking for my phone and it was hidden right in front of me the whole time. Remember my missing camera charger? It was with my headlamp the whole time. Who knew?

I've been like this my whole life and that's pretty much how the story always goes. I remember being a kid, getting all upset because I couldn't find something and then my mom would go into my room and find it within ten seconds. On our camping trip, every day I was looking for something:

...Gee, where is my driver's license? Let's see, it was in the inside zipper pocket of my black Marmot jacket and before that, it was in the right side cargo pocket of my green capris and before that, it was in my zippered wallet. But where is it now? Let me spend fifteen minutes tearing through my things, misplacing other items in the process, only to discover that the damn thing was in the inside zipper pocket of my black Marmot jacket the whole entire time and I didn't feel it or see it because I had a few gas station napkins in the pocket, too.


Has anyone seen my olivine necklaces, last seen while packing for our camping trip?

Listening to: Man Man - Tunneling Through the Guy


  1. Oh my lord, I so relate to this. I lost my debit card recently, and I found it in the mapholder in my car door. How it wound up there I have no idea.

  2. I lost my debit card, too! For two weeks, I used my PayPal Debit card (because it defaults to my checking account anyway without fees) because I couldn't find my real card.

    Found it today.

    Guess Where?

    In my wallet!

  3. hey, i didn't know you're a mustang girl! i was too, until last september. . . mine was white, and i often wonder who's driving it around now, and hope they're taking good care of her.

  4. OK, I can't get over the fact that your neighbor called you to move your car...my neighbors bang on the door for everything.

  5. I feel so much better. I thought I was the only one who forgets what she's doing or where she puts things. The sad thing I noticed my little daughter is just like me!

  6. You still have your Mustang? Sweet! How many rear tires have you burned through, lol.

  7. I was gonna comment last week, but I couldn't find the 'publish comment' button.



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