14 August 2008

Jeannette does not eat sushi

Little known fact: I have not puked since I was eight years old. That incident involved Pantera's Pizza and a ride home in the back of Ellen's dad's truck. It was like shaking up a bottle of soda just before twisting off the top, only instead of soda, I ejected half-digested pizza.

For about the next five or six years, from time-to-time I'd pretend I had puked so I could take a sick day from school. I stopped faking it once I realized that it was unusual for someone to go for years at a time without blowing chunks. I'm now 30 and have gone for 22 years without tossing my cookies, barfing, upchucking, hurling, liquid burping, or whatever you call it; I do not pray to the porcelain god.

The closest I've come to destroying my non-vomiting streak was the day before my 28th birthday. I had recently ended a fourteen year stint as a vegetarian junketarian and in taste-testing a variety of new foods, I decided to try sushi. The first piece was questionable, but I tried a second one. That time, I did the whole motion where you like, lurch forward and grab your mouth because some sort of violent energy is trying to escape. I'm proud to say that I did not puke.

But I will never* eat sushi, ever, again.

To make up for my sushi-less diet I read Gorilla Sushi. You can, too. Stop by and check out today's caption contest, featuring one of MySelf Portraits!

*NEVER say never. Fast forward three years and I LOVE SUSHI!!! Vegan Sushi, but it's my favorite!**

**2013 and Vegan Sushi is STILL my favorite!


  1. ok, seriously, how did you have time to post this today of all days?

  2. @rebecca James is that awesome, that he would let me type up a blog while he loaded up the vehicles with our Miscellaneous Debris.

  3. Wow, I haven't thought about Pantera's Pizza for about 30 years. Thanks (I think)

  4. So, if I decide to drop in you'll be at your new place?

  5. I'm now 30 and have gone for 22 years without tossing my cookies, barfing, upchucking, hurling, liquid burping, or whatever you call it;

    My record is ten years. (And that's only because of an unfortunate encounter with melon and a salad bar that was a little less than sanitary.) You are indeed the maser of not hurling.

  6. I am (of course) a sushi enthusiast so that story saddens me :) Have fun playing with your dishwasher!

  7. @gorilla sushi My sushi aversion is not by choice, it's by design. Nothing personal.

  8. Loved your self portrait pic on GorillaSushi. I am sure I have read that book, but I was not naked or wearing a bucket on my head, hehe.

    The last time I puked was after a beer festival, who knew 17 different types of beer, 5 different ciders and some elderflower wine would make me puke like there was no tomorrow.

  9. Not sure how long you've been unvegetarian.

    I went veg for a year.

    You lose the enzymes in your stomach to break down red meat proteins. You don't think about that when you quit.

    You think about it a lot when you start back and get sick as a dog the first time you eat a steak.

    Maybe you don't have your enzymes back yet.

  10. I love sushi. I love that picture. Happy move!

  11. I'm trying to remember what was the record for not puking on Seinfeld. Jerry had gone many years, too.



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