28 August 2008

Paging Dr. Oreo

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

The proper way to eat oreos: two milks, both 2%, both in a glass-glass; one short, no ice, for dipping; one tall, with ice, for drinking.

The separate dipping glass ensures that the ice will not damage your soggy oreo.

The proper way to eat oreos

After you polish off the glass of iced milk, pour the non-iced dunking milk into the now empty glass filled with ice, like so:

Day 077: This is how I pour (messily)

The dunking milk is now ready for drinking.

Part II

Contrary to popular belief, drinking milk with ice is not gross. Ice is a necessary part of my milk drinking experience.

Exhibit A:

Today's Milk

Exhibit B (which, admittedly, looks very similar to Exhibit A):

More milk

Exhibit C (which, admittedly, does nothing to strengthen my case):

Milk and Grilled Cheese

Exhibit D (is best complimented by a glass of milk with ice):

Pancakes for lunch

After reviewing my photos, I'd like to turn the tables and point out the obvious: drinking milk without ice is gross. Also, drinking milk in a plastic cup is gross. If that non-iced milk in a plastic cup is served at a diner out of one of those giant bags of milk (hidden in the stainless steel box), ewww, triple-gross.

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  1. I don't like plain milk with or without ice. I think this is part of my Pacific Islander/Asian heritage. We generally are lactose intolerant, you know?

  2. I'll give you the plastic cup, but the ice? That is wrong in so many ways, so very many ways.

  3. That's disgusting.

  4. I agree milk should be served in a glass glass but I like mine with Hershey chocolate syrup...no ice.

  5. I can get behind ice-cold milk but no ice in milk - bleah.

    The best part of dipping oreos is the crumbs and sludge that accumulates in the bottom. That's the best part!

  6. I've been on a double-stuffed oreos and milk kick lately. Never tried it the way you do, but I am not against ice milk!

  7. Good times, lady. Next time: next seizures, more drinks!

  8. Frogtastic info - I've taken notes!
    It's important to get food stuff right.



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