06 August 2008

Spaghetti's Guide to the Galaxy

Today I've written a post over at Girl's Guide to the Galaxy.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Listening to: Jake Shimabukuro - While My Ukulele Gently Weeps

PS - Happy One-Year Blogging Anniversary to Me!


  1. i think my only celeb sighting (which wasn't even a celeb, just one to me and Jeff) was when Jeff and I were walking into a movie theater, and this guy was walking out. He walked out, and held the door open for us. Jeff just walked through and said thanks; I looked up, cause the guy was HUGE, and said thanks. . . and then grabbed Jeff and said, "that's scott mellanby" (former Blues' player), but by that time, he and his wife were already crossing the parking lot.

    Oh yeah, and we ate dinner at Citizen Kane's only a couple tables away from Woody Williams (former Cardinals' pitcher).

    And at two different Cardinals games, we sat next to Matt Morris's wife, and then Darryl Kile's wife (the first-- and only, I believe-- game she went to after his death).

    So mine are just local people. I think you win.

  2. I once danced with a back-up dancer from DC Talk at Tremors in Six Flags. That's as good as it gets. Sad I know.

  3. Ozzie Smith once held a door for me. James Spader rented videos from me when I managed a store. I was once at the same buffet table as a certain famous jazz musician who-will-remain-nameless-because-he-was-an-a**hole. Oh, and I had my picture taken with Raul Malo, my very favorite singer in the entire world. That's the sum of my celebrity encounters. I've yet to run into the Coach.



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