03 September 2008

My favorite hiking shoes

I LOVE Keen; I wish every pair of my shoes were Keens!! Some chics are into fashion, I'm into function. (Keen shoes are quite stylish, they just aren't available in a stiletto.)

When James and I went to South Dakota in June for our two-week camping trip interspersed with lots of hiking, instead of packing my Columbia hiking boots, I mistakenly packed something entirely different and inappropriate for miles and miles of said hiking. Upon realizing my goof, we immediately drove into Rapid City to Scheels to find the appropriate hiking footwear. After jogging around the store in a variety of shoes (how else am I supposed to try them out?) I settled on the Keen Voyageur you see here.

Day 083: Keen Voyageur Hiking Shoes

I broke them in by hiking Sunday Gulch in Custer State Park. If you've hiked in a brand new pair of shoes before, you know it can have painful results. Thankfully, my Keen shoes were so comfortable that I didn't even notice they were brand new! In the next few days we hiked to the top of Little Devil's Tower, Harney Peak, the Cathedral Spires and then a variety of small hikes throughout the Black Hills. My feet were perfectly comfortable the entire time. I never even got a blister.

The Voyageur is breathable (not waterproof), has plenty of traction (I climbed many a rock without incident) and my favorite feature - the heel wrap - it keeps the shoe snug to the back of your foot. Heck, even their shoelaces are functional; they are textured in a way which makes it hard for them to come untied on their own.

As expected, the Keen Voyageur is available for men. The waterproof version of the Voyageur is called the Targhee II.

I wasn't paid or somehow conned into writing about my Keen shoes. I just really love them! Good equipment is essential to a great outdoors experience and I wanted to pass along my recommendation.

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  1. I've always hiked in hiking boots (Duh, of course! They don't call them that for no reason!) but when I took a guided trip in the spring, the guide said she only uses boots for extremely rugged terrain. Otherwise she uses tennis shoes.

    I'll have to try out Keens.

  2. your fav shoes look so much more comfortable than my new shoes. i wore my black pair on wednesday and they hurt my feet sooooo bad. i am debating whether or not i should return them...

  3. Wow…. from now, those hiking shoes are my favorite too.



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