14 October 2008

Skanks Stink

Poem seen in my counselor's office:

Pop cans are orange markers are, too.
The sky is blue my shirt is, too.
Stems of flowers are green and boys are really mean.
I love pink and skanks stink.

Skanks Stink

I couldn't agree more, sister.

(After I couldn't stop laughing, I was informed that the word is supposed to be skunk, not skank.)

Listening to: Modest Mouse - Satin in a coffin


  1. Skanks, skunks. They both are stinky! :)

  2. It's Mary. Let me know if you need to talk neurology. I should have contact info posted somewhere.

    I've been worried about you - I was thinking about you this morning. I hope you're doing better.

  3. That is beautiful, I have tears in my eyes.

  4. You are cracking me up with this! Reminds me of the notes I used to write. I found them when helping my mom clean out her basement a few years ago.

    Quote: "I love Ryan. I want to kiss him!" (age 8- first kiss age 14)


  5. Skanks are stinky.
    Skunks are stinky.
    Both make dogs stinky.



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