09 November 2008

I am horrible at playing tag

Usually when I'm tagged for a meme, I never get around to responding. I enjoy being tagged, but for some reason I rarely answer the tag. Neglect? Laziness? Lack of words? I'm a total bitch and deny invitations? It's one of those unanswered questions in life.

Rebecca tagged me because Courtney tagged her. I believe once Courtney tagged me and I never responded, as did Baol.

Fuck the rules. I'm gonna write seven randumb things about myself and if I break the rules, I guess Rebecca can give me a swirly or shove me in a locker.

Sieben Randumb facts about me:

Eine: I'm bloated. Yes, I am 5' 7" and weigh roughly 115 pounds and it's somehow still possible to be bloated. WTF?

Zwei: I didn't poop today. Probably because I pooped a lot yesterday.

Drei: I love fart jokes. But I don't like actual farting. Farts are funnier in theory than reality.

Vier: Once I dressed up in chicken feathers, climbed to the top of my roof and sang God Save The Queen in French. That's what the cops tell me, anyway; I have no recollection of this incident.

Fünf: I hate green beans. HATE them. I wish they would become extinct, somehow.

Sechs: If I had to live on an island where I could grow only ONE food, it would be avocado.

Sieben: My brother would do anything for me, as I'd do anything for him. He's hilarious and one of the most creative and mechanically gifted people I've known. I feel incredibly lucky to have him in my life.

Listening to: White Stripes - Hotel Yorba


  1. I would want coconuts personally, but I bet avocados could help moisturize and protect from the sun as well. It was nice to talk to you today. I'm going to call again and see if we can set up a meet up. :D

  2. Oben angekleidet im Huhn versieht wie mit Federn? Weirdo!

  3. I'm here to warn of avocado burn-out. It's a very real thing and you never know when you might be one bite of guacamole away.

  4. Oh, honey, I love you. You make me laugh.

    Hope you're doing guten.

  5. Hey check it out, I made a blog thing!

  6. Wait a minute. Are you supporting green bean censorship?! Couldn't you just change the channel? No one is FORCING you to watch the green beans!

  7. "...dressed up in chicken feathers, climbed to the top of my roof and sang God Save The Queen in French."

    Oh man, I hope that's a true story, because that's some life living right there. What _am_ I doing with my time?



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