05 November 2008

Told Ya So

My day started out normal, but sometime around 4:30 my parents' dogs, Charley and Otis, got into a really bad fight and I was the only one home. It took a good 5-7 minutes to break it up and I got bit by them quite a few times.

They've fought before, but not like this. I have no idea what started their fight. They must have found a bone, or something, and maybe fought over that? Luckily I was here to break it up because I'm quite certain that Charley wanted to kill Otis.

It was CRAZY.

I could NOT get Charley off of Otis. I tried yelling and I kept pulling Charley off and then before Otis could get up, Charley would start attacking him (and/or me) again and again. Charley was biting his face, ears, eyes, nose, neck....

I was yelling like a maniac. I couldn't find a hose to squirt them, but I doubt that would've helped. During my panic, I grabbed one of those BBQ scraper things and was smacking Charley's butt with that, but Dr. Flaum said that likely just egged him on.

I just kept pulling Charley off and kind of moving them closer toward the garage. Eventually I got Charley held back long enough for Otis to get inside and he ran to the other side of the car. I grabbed Charley and carried him out (I have no idea how I could even pick him up) then closed the door so he couldn't go in after Otis.

It was fucking insane.

I'm going to be sore tomorrow.

They both had to go to the vet and Otis had to spend the night. It looks like the both of them only have puncture wounds, not lacerations. But one of Charley's bite marks is near his "wrist" and an infection in a joint is bad news, so we have to keep an eye on it.

Two dogs fighting, each weighing around 75 pounds, plus one me (trying to break it up), and weighing around 115 pounds, equals me getting my ass kicked.

One of my fingers got bit really good, there's a small chunk of flesh hanging out from it. Thankfully it's flesh and not a tendon. A couple other fingers were bitten and are already swollen and bruised. My right arm hurts and Charley bit me HARD on the back of my left thigh; luckily I was wearing blue jeans or I'd be missing flesh and muscle.

My pants were covered in their blood so they're now in the wash.

Day 147: My pants got bloody from breaking up a dog fight

See, I told ya: every. day. something. fucked. up. happens. to. me.

Watching: Super Troopers


  1. You should have bitten them back :P

  2. STL has everything - there must be some shop that can give you the tools to fix your karma - it is all out of sorts.

  3. Shit. I just read this and it made me panic. My dog and I were attacked a few months ago by neighboring American Bulldogs who got out of their cage. Thank God my neighbor was home or I would have been toast. You are a brave, brave lady. I am still terrified to walk my dog after that day. My poor husband walks him twice a day now and I tag along behind. I'm such a wimp. I'm glad you weren't seriously injured!



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