30 December 2008

What happened to me?

I've barely written anything over the last few months. I used to blog several times a week and now, I struggle to post one or two entries during the course of a month. When I finally post something, anything, my writing is peppered with curse words and has an overall negative quality. I don't feel like myself.

Even my handwriting sucks.

Sure I've had my good days, but wowza, I am in a funk. I'm unmotivated and feeling worthless, which unfortuantely, is rather difficult to camoflauge. I don't have a worthwhile excuse to rationalize my crabbiness; in fact, I have an endless list of reasons to be happy. But I'm not.

What's the deal, yo?

Here's the part where I ask for advice: when feeling down, what do you do to pull yourself back up?

Listening to: Tim Fite - Over the Counter Culture

17 December 2008

Bah Humbug and Stuff

It's been quite a while since I've written anything; I've been up to a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing.

My family cancelled Christmas, which is totally awesome. Nobody in the family is in the mood for it -- so we've decided to skip it this year. Hot damn. The ironic thing is, this event put me into a cookie-making mood.

This really has nothing to do with anything, but yesterday I asked a girl what she did to get her arms so toned and she replied, "Nothing now. I used to dance on the pole."

Listening to: Boys talk about car stuff


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