27 January 2009

Okay, you seriously didn't go out in that!?!? - - - Tojosan

Tojosan, I sure did!

Day 230: Messin' About

Messinn' About - Day 230/365

In the first three shots I was barefoot. The wind blew my hair in all the wrong places, making every photo unuseable. My feet FROZE, so I had to go back inside and warm them up for a minute.

For the second, third and fourth tries, shoes were a requirement. I wanted to position the dress so you couldn't see the shoes. Ironically, the shoes are in the photo I like best. It's an action shot; I'm caught just before covering the shoes.

Even though some things went wrong and I had to change my plan a few times, I am happy with my photo; it is better than what I had expected.

Then again, I only spent 20 minutes working on this photo, including conceptualization, hair and make-up, wardrobe, allowing my feet to unthaw, and taking a dozen photos.

Listening to: Dynamite Hack - Boys in the Hood


  1. You make a lovely snow princess. You crazy too. :)

  2. Well I think it's great. Of course, I'm drunk. But I'm also home and will be contacting you very soon for festivities. :)



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