01 February 2009

At least someone interviewed me, even though he's not hiring

A twitter buddy of mine, Nathan, who also blogs, took part in an interview project which reminded me of the great interview experiment I participated in last year. Like him, I’ve been suffering from a serious lack of blogging motivation. Well, technically, I have lots and lots I'd love to say, but they are personal issues I can't really discuss publicly. (If anyone needs a guest blogger, I'd be down for writing an anonymous post!)

1. If you had to move to a foreign country for the rest of your life, which country would you choose?

The only other country I've ever visited is Mexico. While Nogales was fun, I can't imagine living there. I'd probably move to the Netherlands. Liberal, historical, great public transportation, tulips galore (at the right time of year) - what more can a girl ask for?

2. Would you rather spend the night in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House, or a night on the international space station?

International Space Station - hands down. The journey would be amazing and I'd love to see our planet from outer space. I want to go to there.

3. Would you rather give up caffeine or alcohol?

Alcohol. Without caffeine, I'd spend my life in a perpetual state of tiredness. People who can't live without alcohol, I think they're called alcoholics.

4. Would you rather spend 10 hours listening to conservative talk radio or 10 hours listening to that "LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE!" guy from Youtube?

I already spend hours a day listening to the Leave Brittany Alone Guy. Conservative talk radio... gag me with a spoon.

5. If you had to be anyone of the opposite sex, who would you be?

There's no one in particular I'd want to be, but I hope the dude is a female impersonator so I can participate in a Drag Show.

Want to be interviewed? Follow these instructions:

Step One: Leave a comment asking me to interview you.

Step Two: Wait for me to send you five random questions.

Listening to: Great White - Wasted Rock Ranger


  1. Woo Hoo! I was worried my questions were lame, but I liked your answers, so that questions must have been okay. I wish I could ask you to interview me, but I think that would be cheating. Guess I'll have to blog about scotcharoos.

  2. I was excited to see you posting, I'm just afraid of questions :P

  3. Me please! I agree with the drag show thing- that would be fantastic fun!

  4. Awesome Q&A! Okay, I'm game, ask away!

  5. Hey Jeannette,

    I was reading through your blog, it's pretty funny. Would you be interested in writing something for us? I run SpillYourself a comedy magazine featuring bloggers who write embarrassing stories about themselves. We're looking for funny bloggers to join our community. Anyways, check out our site (www.spillyourself.com) and let me know if you'd be interested. Keep up the good work with the blog!




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