18 February 2009

...did you know?

I was interviewed by Steve Giegerich of the Post Dispatch regarding job scams. You can read the story here. If this were a videotaped interview, I would've been the eeediot in the background, flailing my arms at the camera and yelling, "Hey, I'm on TV!"

I have more thoughts on job scams, but currently, my brain is clouded with the flu. I'm not sure that I've had the flu as an adult. A cold; yes. The flu; not so sure. But wowza, my body hurts everywhere. And, I haven't eaten since Sunday.

Dear Flu,
Bite me.
K, thanks.

On the bright side, the flu has replaced my insomnia problem with a sleeping-twenty-two-hours-a-day problem. I hear the flu causes people to blow chunks. Not me. I have not thrown up... so my streak has not been broken. I haven't puked in 22 years - go me!

Listening to: Kentucky Knife Fight - I Don't Mind

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  1. Do they really have to add your age after your name, the SECOND time around? And if they're going to, shouldn't they specify that it's your age and not your IQ or your current address? "Hoss, 30, says..." PAH



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