22 February 2009

Fever In Fever Out; Questions In Answers Out

As I begin this post, I'm listening to Luscious Jackson, Fever In Fever Out. Since having my spleen removed at 15 and being told to closely watch my temperature - I've not once had a fever, until now.

Fever In Fever Out perfectly describes my week... fever, no fever; fever, no fever. Friday my fever got up to 103.6F. That sucked cold-sweaty balls. I've not ever felt like that before. And from what I gather, I may have needed to seek medical attention, but I neglected to do so. Well, my mom gave me some tylenol and plugged in a humidifier for me, if that counts for anything medical.

Meanwhile, I was able to scam my way into receiving another random five questions for blog fodder, from the lovely Liz, who holds a dear place in my heart as she was the very first person to comment on my blog.

1) What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
Ask me this question in a couple of weeks, then maybe I'll tell the story. I'll need to consult with my advisor and find out if she thinks it's okay for me to speak of it publicly. Otherwise, I'll need to think of a different story besides the one I have locked and loaded.

2) Are you allergic to anything? If so, what?
I am allergic to one thing only: Poison Ivy. I discovered this at the ripe-old age of 5. My cousin and I were playing in a baby pool at my Grandpa Charley's when we decided to take a pretend bath, using poison ivy leaves as our wash clothes. The next day, I was covered from head to toe in poison ivy. Though I haven't had a serious case in years, I have a variety of stories involving me contracting it in obscure ways. I am highly-allergic.

3) I know you do a lot of photography. Post your favorite picture that you have ever taken.
This photo is hard to appreciate unless viewed in its original size. Though it's been more than a year since I took the photo, I am still mesmerized at the ecosystem found at the center of this bromeliad.
Bromeliad of some sort - I think

I will say that I literally have thousands of other photos I've taken but never uploaded. I take many more photos than I have time to edit and upload.

4) What is your dream job?
I'm still not exactly sure what I want to be when I grow up; I will probably never know. But if a girl can dream, I want to make a positive difference, motivate others, travel, explore and meet new people. I don't know what job will allow me to do that, but that's what I'd like to do.

5) Where would you like to go on your next vacation? (or where are you going, if a trip is already planned)?
This is an impossible question for me to answer. Every time I travel, either the destination is pre-planned because it's some sort of work trip -or- I figure it out at THE last minute. I love to travel and no matter where I find myself, I'm always glad I've explored a new corner of the world.

Listening to: Luscious Jackson - Mood Swing


  1. dude, i am so highly allergic to poison ivy it's not even funny. Last time I got it I was cutting the layers of blisters off my skin w/ a steak knife while my foot filled up w/ fluid. Only oral steroids saved me. So, I feel your pain.

    btw, WICKED photo!

  2. That photo is amazing!!

    Several friends of mine spiked fevers last week and went to the doctor and were told to go away - it's a flu going around and there's nothing to do about it. I think you're probably doing all you can, unfortunately. If it keeps up, go in. Sounds like it's a 5-7 day thing though. Feel better!!

  3. You were 15 when you had your spleen out? For some reason I thought that you had that done when we were in grade school. Wow, my memory sucks!

    (I like to comment on the obscure bits of the post...)

  4. look at that picture! it's really great!

  5. Poor baby. Try Motrin, cool cloths and vitamin C. Hope you're better soon.

  6. That picture is spectacular.



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