30 June 2009

Meet the neighbors

After work on Monday I went to check my mail and apparently, my neighbor didn't expect anyone would be walking through the hall. As I passed her open apartment door, I spotted her sitting on the toilet.

We made eye contact.

So, yeah. My neighbor pees with not only the bathroom door ajar, but her apartment door open as well. Interesting.

I wonder what her name is?

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24 June 2009

Burnin' down the house, err apartment, whatever

You probably don't remember how I tend to burn myself. Or maybe you don't know how I tend to be absent-minded sometimes, about important things.

There was that time I went to bed with the oven on... and didn't realize this until the next morning. Seriously, you go to make one lousy pizza, decide you aren't hungry, and before you know it it's the next day and the oven is still blazing.

Sure, that was years ago. But in the last week I've um, done two very dumb things. First, I put a candle a little too close to one of the mini-blinds in my bedroom. Yeah, that particular blind now features 'smoke damage'. I totally underestimated the power to that candle's flame.

And then, wait, should I really admit this? Oh, what the hell, I've written about worse. This began one evening in very recent days. I took a shower sometime after 10pm, probably closer to eleven. Maybe an hour later I straightened my hair. The next day when I got home from work I noticed my straightening iron was STILL on.

How am I an adult? Seriously?

Does everyone do this sort of stuff?

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18 June 2009

Most Boring Update Ever

The only furniture in my apartment is my bed and two folding chairs.

I'm not complaining, I'm just noting the fact that for two weeks I've spent a lot of time sitting cross-legged on the kitchen floor while eating.

It's been awhile since I've had no reason to complain. I'm working, the people are great and I'm liking my new job; I finally am living alone (yes!) in a two-bedroom apartment where both my dog and cat are with me; I'm meeting lots of new people; I'm exploring a new city; and again, I'm living alone! I feel incredibly privileged to do whatever I want, whenever I want - that's priceless.

You know what isn't priceless? Internet service. So I must give many mahalos to the kind neighbor who is kindly sharing their WiFi connection. The signal is very strong, full power regardless of where I am in the apartment, so thanks to whomever it is that's saving me 60 bucks a month.

Otherwise, the most noteworthy event of recent times: I completed Year One of my 365 Project! Although I haven't been as creative as I was in the first half of my project, and I did miss four days total, I'm glad that I was able to stick it out despite all the crazy things that have happened.

Hopefully in the next few days I can post some sort of year in review, but for now, here are the milestone days:

Day 001: A day late
Day 001: A day late

Day 050: Abnormal Psychology
Day 050: Abnormal Psychology

Day 075: This is what I look like in the morning: Naked. Wrapped in a blanket. Slouched over. Drinking coffee.
Day 075: This is what I look like in the morning: Naked. Wrapped in a blanket. Slouched over. Drinking coffee.

Day 100: I'm still not in the best of spirits AND I have to go the DMV today - for the second time this week.
Day 100: I'm still not in the best of spirits AND I have to go the DMV today - for the second time this week.

Day 182 (half-way!): I was really into Cheez-its that week
Day 182 (half-way!): I was really into Cheez-its that week

Day 250: I'm sick; don't look at my face
Day 250: I'm sick; don't look at my face

Day 300: Otis and Me
Day 300: Otis and Me

Day 365: ONE YEAR!!!
Day 365: ONE YEAR!!!

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07 June 2009

Rude Awakening

Day 238: Dayne's Bed

Earlier today I sent out a quick twitter announcing that I awoke to a stranger in my apartment. Nothing bad happened, but it was freaky nonetheless.

Yesterday was incredibly busy. I woke up at 6:30 in the morning, drove one hundred miles to my parents, packed and loaded my mom's ford escape, went with my dad and brother to my storage and loaded up as much as we could fit into my brother's truck and drove a hundred miles back toward my apartment. We unloaded the boxes, set up my bed, then I drove one hundred miles back to my parent's house, switched vehicles, drove to my brother's, then he and I drove about fifty miles to Fort de Chartres to visit family that was camped there. After about two hours, we drove fifty miles back to my brother's and then I drove a hundred miles toward my apartment. Along the way I stopped to pick up a few items so I could clean my tub and then take a shower.

After five hundred miles of driving, the next thing I knew it was four in the morning. I passed out, totally exhausted, and suddenly it's the next day and some dude is opening my bedroom door and I hear him holler, "OH SHIT" and then he disappeared.

I laid there for about three minutes trying to wrap my mind around the situation. I assumed it was one of the guys who owns my apartment building, but damn, I never even heard my apartment door open. So I crawl out of bed, totally dazed, completely tired and utterly surprised.

I then get dressed because, well, I was sleeping naked. I go out the front door of the building and there are two dudes standing next to a truck and the one guy immediately says, "Oh my god, girl, I am SO sorry! We were sent by Kelly, she lived in the apartment before you, to pick up an entertainment center and a bed. When I walked in I thought there was quite a bit of stuff still in the apartment. I didn't see the entertainment center and the front bedroom was empty, so I headed into your room to get the bed."

All I could say was, "I'm glad I was home because I would've been pissed if I came home and my bed was gone."

He replied, "Yeah, because I would've taken it. And it's a good thing you were covered up, huh."

Yeah, it's a good thing.

That stranger didn't feel comfortable handing over the keys because they technically weren't his, so he still has the keys to enter my building and my apartment. I called my landlord and he has neither returned my call nor changed the locks.

Talk about a rude awakening. Scary.

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01 June 2009

Ungh. And yeah, party.

Day 005: I do all my own stunts

Feeling slightly overwhelmed.

But two things are in my mind....

ONE: I will not do another Wordless Wednesday. I did that for my last post and it didn't go over well. It was the first post I've had in over a year where not one single soul commented. So, yeah, fuck all that noise.

TWO: I finally have a job. That's right, a Gob. And, for a variety of reasons and feeling overwhelmed - I have nothing more to say about the matter. Rather than fill in any sort of details, I must give thanks to some rad twitterers who sent kind words:

Thank you, thank you, one million times over and over and over again:



(PS - OSIM?????)


Kim C

S J Fults

Bill Streeter





She's Crafty









And, I'd like to thank the non-twitterers....






Jill at Omni

I'm sure I've missed someone.
I've probably fucked up a link or two or three.
And I surely didn't follow some sort of unsaid etiquette.

Thank you for leaving such encouraging comments.

You rock, all of you.

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