24 June 2009

Burnin' down the house, err apartment, whatever

You probably don't remember how I tend to burn myself. Or maybe you don't know how I tend to be absent-minded sometimes, about important things.

There was that time I went to bed with the oven on... and didn't realize this until the next morning. Seriously, you go to make one lousy pizza, decide you aren't hungry, and before you know it it's the next day and the oven is still blazing.

Sure, that was years ago. But in the last week I've um, done two very dumb things. First, I put a candle a little too close to one of the mini-blinds in my bedroom. Yeah, that particular blind now features 'smoke damage'. I totally underestimated the power to that candle's flame.

And then, wait, should I really admit this? Oh, what the hell, I've written about worse. This began one evening in very recent days. I took a shower sometime after 10pm, probably closer to eleven. Maybe an hour later I straightened my hair. The next day when I got home from work I noticed my straightening iron was STILL on.

How am I an adult? Seriously?

Does everyone do this sort of stuff?

Listening to: Mike Jones - Got it Sewed Up


  1. LOL!


    And is it just me or do all of your accidents involve fire or burning?

  2. Oh crap, hit submit too soon. What I also wanted to add is yes I do this stuff but different less dangerous stuff. Like catching myself putting milk back in the cubbard, or the cereal in the fridge.

  3. A friend of mine in grade school was making dinner for herself one night before we all went to a dance. She couldn't get the burner on her stove to come on, so she lit the burner. But she had it on high...and this was 1989, so she had on lots of hair spray...and she singed her bangs off. I mentioned that to her a few weeks ago on FB and she couldn't believe that I remembered it. Of course I did...it's too funny!

  4. Oh yes. Everyone has moments like that, but some, wind up burning the house down. My Dad is terrible about falling asleep with a lit cig.

    Lots of burns in the carpet, chair, etc. My Mother goes around now & checks on him.

    We eventually turn back into children. (unless you never grow up)

  5. Tom is the worst. He loses his keys- in the freezer! Oh the stories of where he loses things are insane.

  6. My parents have one of the flat top stoves. So I was cooking one time with the cookbook on top of the stove next to the wok. That would have been fine except for the fact that I turned the wrong burner on. I didn't notice until I smelled burning paper. I burnt a perfect round hole in the cover of the cookbook. My brothers will not let me forget that...

  7. I actually have it pretty together in this respect. However, I more than make up for it in social ineptitude and also clumsiness.

    I'd blow out the candle, but hit my head on the table doing it!

  8. You forgot to mention how you also 'miss-place' things....
    which is why I always think of you when I see e-or (couldn't figure out how to spell his name so just sound it out). You know who I'm talking about....

  9. isn't it what the song "bruning down the house" is all about?
    talking heads, circa 1983...

  10. It's completely normal. In my first apartment living solo, I was taking a pan out of the oven using a dishtowel. The dishtowel somehow touched the element and started burning. Now instead of dropping the darn thing in the sink right next to the stove, I ran all the way across the apartment into the parking lot and starting stomping on the towel. Then I promptly ran a fork through the garbage disposal.

  11. I caught the stove on fire making dinner last night. Apparently you have to clean the burners?!

    I also can only own straighteners that have an automatic off after an hour because I will leave them on ALL the time :)



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