21 July 2009

Inappropriate Attire

Have you ever gone to a formal event, but been the one person wearing less-than-casual attire? Or, maybe shown up at a friend's bar-b-que severely overdressed? How about, worn an early-1980s prom dress when everyone else is wearing clothes circa 2009?

Oh, you haven't? I have.

And can I just say, aaawkward? For me to say I felt awkward, that is an amazing feat because I rarely feel that way. I do some really embarrassing things, but it's not until much later, when I am in the midst of a guess-what-dumbbutfunny-thing-I've-done-now story, that someone brings it to my attention about how embarrassed they would have been if they had done the same thing.

I'm sure it was the announcement that Craig would be wearing a 'vintage' tux that compelled me to buy a totally-80s-style prom (or bridesmaid) dress, but on Sunday, I went to Kim's dinner/dance fundraiser for the scholarships in her daughters' names. ...and I was the only one who wore a 1980s prom dress.

I even sent Kim a text a few days before, telling her about the dress and my plans to look like a total idiot and she seemed excited. As it turns out, she was excited... that I would look like a total idiot; I assumed she was excited for my dress.  (By the way, I tested my curlers two times .)

Everything seemed fun - but then, everyone - besides myself - was wearing attire current for the year 2009. 

Versus me in my 1981 dress:

Day 037 Year 2: 80s Prom



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12 July 2009

I can finally stop saying I never win anything

I've spent the majority of my life never winning contests.

Until now.

Because I won Courtney Chesley's TwIsTeD Twitterers contest!

Day 031 Year 2: TwIsTeD Bracelets!!!

The contest was easy; I simply had to tweet a statement to Courtney that began with, "I'm twisted because..." and then I was randomly selected as the winner. Go here to see how twisted the contestants are.

My goodies arrived in the mail the day I left for Colorado. Receiving the bracelets was an exciting event, not only because I love getting mail, but also because Courtney packaged her handmade bracelets in Popcorn and Peanuts bags. How fun!

She also included a couple of surprises: a TwIsTeD pin and a fortune-teller fish that you "...place in the palm of your hand and watch it begin to move, wiggle, curl up or flip off your hand all by itself!" Though really the thing more-or-less tells you your mood (jealous, passionate, etc).

(SIDE NOTE: Since the instructions do not specify "remove fish from bag" an airhead friend of mine tried it with the fish in the bag, which meant it did nothing, which gave him a reading of Dead Fish. Doh!)

You can buy Courtney's bracelets by visiting her page on etsy.

Listening to: Man Man - Doo Right

07 July 2009

My Version of the Big Salad

I haven't written about food in quite a while, but I have been on a major salad kick, eating one for dinner almost every night. And when I make a salad it's a serious affair because I really pile on the toppings. My salad is a meal on its own; technically it's a meal that I rarely ever finish.

Because I use so many ingredients, I like to cut up my vegetables as soon as I get home from the grocery store. I keep each one in its own container and at dinner I turn the counter into a buffet.

So what goes into this ginormous salad?

- Spinach
- Carrot shreds
- Deli lunch meat - turkey or chicken
- Red Pepper
- Portobello mushrooms
- Cherry tomatoes
- Cucumber
- Purple Onion (or red, whatever)
- Cauliflower
- Avocado
- Cilantro
- Bacon Bits
- Croutons
- Parmesan cheese shreds
- Ranch Dressing (sometimes cottage cheese)

Big Ass Salad

For a drink, I recommend Oberweis Milk. If I eat something for dessert it's been watermelon, watermelon, watermelon. However, if you're up to it and you would like something on the sweet side, try making this Butterscotch Cookie Bar that Kim recommends.

How do you make a salad? Do you have an interesting technique or use random ingredients? Please share! It's only a matter of time before I burn myself out on this meal.

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