06 August 2009

Two and Two-hundred

Today marks two years since I started blogging.

Also, this is post number two hundred.

And here's a photo of that mosaic project I've been working on. I've only completed phase one, as I need to grout the tiles and paint the wood. I have no idea what color I want to do either, so I think I'll start another tiling project and worry about grout and paint colors when I have a few projects at that stage.

Mosaic Serving Tray

Listening to: Mike Jones - Back Then


  1. Congrats on making it to the big bi-centennial post, and hey, great work on that mosaic! Impressive!

  2. I've always wished I had the time and patience to do some mosaic stuff. I love seeing some really intricate stuff that a friend of mine in Austin does. Great job on yours and congrats on the blogging hurdle! :)

  3. Happy (belated) Anniversary! Your mosaic is turning out great! Kiss Nico & Marshall for me. Love Ya!!

  4. That is a cool art project!



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