26 September 2009

It doesn't really look like my face to me, but sure enough, This Is My Face

Several months ago I found this drawing while rummaging through some childhood memorabilia at my parents' house. I drew this picture circa 2nd grade, which was circa 1985, back when I lived and went to grade school in Cahokia, IL. I had some sort of assignment called, This is my face. It was simple enough - draw my face and then finish this phrase, "Most of the time my face is _____."

I decided that my face was better than okay, it's very good ...most of the time. Whatever that means.

This is my face
Most of the time my face is okay very good.


Here's me with blonde bangs, circa 2006:

In Arizona

And here's me reenacting myself as a sleepy head, merely three months ago:

Day 359: Sleepy head

These three images have one thing in common, to me, not one of them looks like me.

Why is that?

Listening to: David Carradine narrate my Faces of Culture telecourse DVDs

Break time is over. Get back to work.

25 September 2009

How do I spell 'Problem Solved'? u-n-g-u-l-a-t-i-o-n

So you've probably heard me gripe about how I had somewhere around 3,100 tweets run away from home?

They're back!

Want to know how I coaxed them to return?

I simply had to tweet ungulation to @Charles.

A month ago I posted something on twitter's Known Issues page and last night I revisited that page to find an update. It explained that I needed to send one word to @Charles - ungulation - and the problem would be fixed. No need to elaborate, just say the word.

Eff yes.

That was easy.

Listening to: 3,796 tweets and growing

21 September 2009

That was dumb.

When I made coffee this morning, I did not put the coffee pot in the maker.


Listening to: Israel Vibration - Rebel for Real

01 September 2009

Biscuits and gravy and toilet paper

I can honestly say that tonight was the first time I've ever traded biscuits and gravy for toilet paper. Although, if you were judging by my repurposed containers, you'd think that I traded hummus and cottage cheese for toilet paper.

Odd trade, but freecycle worthy.

I made homemade gravy yesterday - enough for 8, at least - and I'm down to the last half of my last roll of toilet paper. I made an offer: I'll give you a large hummus tub's worth of gravy and a large cottage cheese container filled with biscuits, if you give me two rolls of toilet paper.


Listening to: Modest Mouse - Bukowski


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