25 September 2009

How do I spell 'Problem Solved'? u-n-g-u-l-a-t-i-o-n

So you've probably heard me gripe about how I had somewhere around 3,100 tweets run away from home?

They're back!

Want to know how I coaxed them to return?

I simply had to tweet ungulation to @Charles.

A month ago I posted something on twitter's Known Issues page and last night I revisited that page to find an update. It explained that I needed to send one word to @Charles - ungulation - and the problem would be fixed. No need to elaborate, just say the word.

Eff yes.

That was easy.

Listening to: 3,796 tweets and growing


  1. That is weird, and completely awesome!

  2. Whoa, @Charles said, "@JSpaghetti Hooray! That's the greatest blog post ever! Makes me smile! :-)"

    Man, that is cool that he appreciates my appreciation.




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