19 October 2009

Happy Belated Birthday, sort of

Today is Sandra's birthday and all I can do is think of her. I want to call her so badly, but she's dead. And, fuck if I don't feel like a bitch for so bluntly writing, "she's dead." But she is.

It's been 17 months and it still hurts.

Like I wrote before:

My silly aunt, the shit-disturber, the feisty one, the one I got together with to misbehave, make inappropriate jokes and share secrets - she wasn't supposed to die at 46.

But it happened.

Happy Birthday, Sandra. I miss you terribly.

We all do.

1 comment:

  1. I'm still sorry about your aunt. I know you miss her a lot. Since our brief texts, I've been day dreaming about driving up to see you, staying out all night at a titty bar people watching and sleeping in all the next day before driving back home. As soon as that seems possible on the homefront (read: I go out way more than Jake and I'm trying to be more equitable.), I'M COMING TO SPRINGFIELD!!!



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