04 October 2009

I got yelled at by a crazy person

Day 100: I'm still not in the best of spirits AND I have to go the DMV today - for the second time this week.

At roughly 3:15 this afternoon, Nico bolted out of my apartment building to chase a squirrel. She dragged me down the stairs, I wasn't there to catch the door - and it slammed. Loudly. It happens. And I'm not the only one who does it.

So I'm wrestling with my dog, the door slams and I'm mid-cringe when I hear someone from above yell out their window, "Blah blah something, Jennifer, blah blah blah." The only word I understood was Jennifer, but I thought I heard something about the door, so I look up and confusingly ask, "what?" To which I distinctly heard, "YOU'RE A MORON! Slam the door a little harder!!!"

I said, "thank you," in a stunned but polite and slightly sarcastic tone of voice. She abruptly closed the window.

I took Nico for a quick walk and played the incident over in my head.

The lady upstairs -- the one who, at every time of the day and night, I've heard yelling and stomping from room to room, throwing things onto the floor over and over again, beating on the walls, slamming doors, storming out of the building, only to come right back in and do all that nonsense over again. As proofreading this blog post, the door slammed, someone stomped upstairs and they're stomping in the bedroom above me right now. It's 10:34 pm. I've heard this at midnight, at two in the morning, and one day last week she woke me up for work at 6:36 am. At that time of the day I don't even want to talk to anybody. She was up there yelling, throwing things and jumping on the floor repeatedly -- that lady, she just called me a moron.

Really, a moron? Really, someone just yelled out the window, to me, Jennifer, that I'm a... moron? I don't even know what to think, but dang, that kind of sucks.

I wouldn't shut up about it this afternoon. While standing in the thrift store (the pink elephant was there today!), my friend stopped me in the middle of at least the 16th rant, he put his hand on my shoulder and rationalized, "it sounds to me like you got yelled at by a crazy person. I wouldn't let it bother you too much." And he's right.

Damn, lady, I'm sorry the door slammed. But I think it's a little messed up that I'm apologizing for a door slam, when you're upstairs kicking over the refrigerator at 4:30 on a Wednesday morning. Get a grip.

Listening to: The Isley Brothers - Footsteps in the Dark


  1. ohhhhhh i feel your pain!!! i'll trade you apartments for a day and you'll never know you weren't in your own! (crashing furniture 15 minutes ago)

    my crazy lady likes to tell me she is being mindful... but this is also a woman who goes shopping with her dead mother's spirit. after 2plus years of this, my compassion and patience has come to an end.

    trust me, this woman's dysfunction has nothing to do with you. hard as it is to ignore... my tip: i prefer to facebook, tweet and blog about it. oh, if she only knew... daft dolly is what i call her! :)

  2. I get yelled at by a crazy person every day, so what's your point? Of course, I did marry her, so that's really my own fault.



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