06 October 2009

Real Chance of Mixup

Tonight was the 9th Monday in a row that I've gone to a friend's to watch Real Chance of Love 2. Like most people, I'm not A Monday Person (technically I'm not A Morning Person), but I can't wait for Monday night to roll around. And the first thing I do when I get home from watching the newest episode, I get online to watch the Bonus Clips so I can see the unaired show footage.

Dude, that's not Real - that's Chance - on a date with Mamacita.

I sometimes make them myself and I sometimes overlook them, but I love to catch mistakes like this.

It's very exhilarating.

Watching: Real Chance of Love 2 - Episode 9 Bonus Clips


  1. You know I have watched this show before and knew their names were Real and Chance - but I NEVER put the title of the show together with their names and ALWAYS thought to myself that there was "no Real Chance" any of those girls would be more then an ending bootie call. Now.......thank you Jeanette......I fully understand the title!!

  2. I noticed you began this blog with "Tonight was the 9th Monday..." and yet the post is dated Tuesday. Is that considered a typo?

  3. It's not a typo. This was written late Monday night, it was after midnight when I started the post. There is a way to change the date and time before you post an entry, but I don't usually adjust it because I think it's good to keep the true time. This is one way to document my night owl ways, you know, for posterity.

  4. At the first sight i've thougt was a video from youporn




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