21 November 2009

I wanted a snow cone, I swear

In the distance I heard The Ice Cream Man's creepy music and grabbed every dollar I had in preparation for a snow cone. Today is November 21st, so of course he was out of anything snow cone related, had none of the cartoon-character-shaped-with-gumball-eye-balls ice cream and after four times hearing, "I'm out of that," I asked him to point out what he was out of.

Wrong question.

"I'm out of this one, these four, that one, these two, these three ---"

- What DO you have?

"I have one of these, three of these, and two of these."

- You have six total things in stock?


- So what two items can I get with four dollars?


Stupid Ice Cream Man

Watermelon-flavored, (giant) phallic-shaped ice cream thing.


Let the slurping noises begin.

Listening to: Wax Tailor - Ungodly Fruit


  1. Why are so many things phallic shaped? This is truly the one great mysteries of life.

  2. Oh Boy! That looks disgusting but I bet it tasted good.

  3. Things are phallic shaped because they are easy to make.......simple....not so far removed from men (no true offense meant). Imagine how difficult it would to make a popsicle in the shape of a vagina? That would be seriously complex........not so far removed from woman. Plus it would be terribly hard to keep them in stock.



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