25 November 2009

You owe me a turkey, all the fixins and a four day weekend - Dude

Day 020 Year 2: Gracias for the Chocolate

If you follow me on twitter, you are probably aware that my bathroom flooded last night, and then sometime overnight, again this morning, and once again this afternoon....

It started with a bath.

And then the water wouldn't go down the drain.

After consulting a variety of people (pardon the technical jargon you're about to encounter), I decided the tub plunger thing on the wall of the tub, that lever thing to use to open or close the drain, its wall plate needed to come off. I imagined myself opening that can of worms unscrewing the plate, digging around inside the hole I've now created, and finding a chain that I could fidget with to open the drain. Except, by the time I was ready to do this, 40 or so minutes had passed and the tub was now an inch away from being full.

Spontaneous tub filling: interesting phenomenon.

And then the upstairs neighbor took a shower and my tub began filling quite fast. Within about two minutes the water spilled over. While this was going on, my toilet also filled up with the same soapy water and it too was spilling over.

Taking the advice of my friend, "You've got a bucket and a window - get your ass to work," I emptied the tub bucket by bucket. I then left my apartment to stay elsewhere (hello, no working toilet) and returned in the morning to find my bathroom flooded again. I cleaned it up and within a couple of hours, it flooded again. And then it flooded this afternoon.

I called my landlord last night and he explained that it's a building-sewer-drainage issue and I can't fix this myself. It's been 21 hours and no one has come to look at this problem. I've called twice today and the dude won't even return my call.

And now I am too afraid to leave town for the weekend like I was supposed to, for fear of returning to a catastrophic mess.

Thanks, dude, for being a non-responsive asshole landlord. Your inability to respond totally screwed up my Thanksgiving. You owe me a turkey, all the fixins and a four day weekend.

Listening to: Wax Tailor - Que Sera


  1. Dude, that sucks. I know a guy who knows a guy with an uncle named Vinny. Do you want me to call him?

  2. I bet if it were the landlord's home he would be right on it! Is this a responsible landlord or a slumloard? I hope he eats dry turkey!

  3. Um, I think I was a little more eloquent than "get your ass to work." But thanks for the shout-out.


  4. SWEAR TO GOD my word verification had AQUA in it.

  5. Jeff gives great advice. I'll be sure to call him during my next crisis.

    I have some leftovers I'd be happy to share with you. Actually, I'd be willing to make a whole other meal for you and our Bloody Mary Mafia if you want! I mean it!

    Call me if you need anything. Like an empty coffee can to shit in or something. ;-)

  6. So how did this end? And please know that you can come live with us any day - there is a fabulous bathroom/bedroom suite for our guests - it would only be an hour commute to work......so very much like being back in STL, working in the city and living in the county!



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