18 January 2010

Frustration, Secrecy and The Spilling of Beans: I'm just trying to be happy

It's been really hard for me to write anything lately.
My thoughts are dominated with work and how unhappy I am. I can't really write about how I'm not challenged, I'm not learning anything new, I have no opportunity to be creative, I'm not helping people, most of the time I'm talked to like I'm an idiot and receive inappropriate comments almost daily. There's no room for me to get promoted. And I should really shut up now. I've said too much already. I know I shouldn't write those things, but it's all I think about. It was extremely difficult for me to get any job, so I should be happy for the one I have.

In the last couple of months I've picked up two freelance gigs. In my evenings and over the weekends I'm working on projects that are challenging, interesting, allow me to be creative, research a variety of topics and interview people, write about what I'm learning and I receive comments that have nothing to do with soapy showers, massages, or sex, they're compliments on my work or conversations that involve someone asking for my opinion. It's a totally different working environment.

I was lucky enough to land a paid blogging gig and last week my first article was posted on ImproveYourHomeAndGarden.com. It's a lot of fun to research a variety of topics and write about the information I'm discovering. And even better, I've learned a lot from Lori in the last couple of weeks. It's been a very rewarding experience.

I'm also working with Bill Streeter on a documentary about St. Louis Brick. I've been researching stories, contacting a wide variety of people and interviewing them by phone before they're filmed for the documentary. It's still in the early stages of production, the first weekend of filming just wrapped. I feel very lucky to be meeting so many great people and involved with a project that I can be passionate about.

I just wish I could feel like that all the time, feel excited and look forward to work each day. Maybe I'm asking for too much?

Listening to: J.U.F. - When I was a little spy


  1. It's so awesome you are doing fun and exciting side projects! Hopefully one of those can pan out into something you can do for a long time and get paid for.

  2. It would make me happy to hear,"I'd like to soap you down in a hot shower" But not from my boss. If he ever tells me that, I'll need to find a happy place.

  3. I'm sorry your day job is lame. I hope you continue to find rewarding work on the side.

  4. I think the work you're doing on the documentary is great and I like your side blog but I'd still like to slug your boss...xoxo Maaa

  5. @Mom - it isn't my actual boss; it's one of the owners. My boss isn't that bad of a guy.



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