26 January 2010

Goodbye, The Internet, how I will miss you so

My freeloading wifi access has officially come to an end. As such, I need a recommendation for an internet service provider. I need something fast, easy to use, reliable and obviously, inexpensive.

Also, I need all the fixins and trimmins, like a modem and something to make my desktop become wifi able. Whatever that stuff is, I need it.

Plz halp.

Day 223: Gabbing on the phone

Listening to: It sounds like the Bread Co is cleaning up for the night.


  1. Noooooooooo....don't leave us alone...


  2. Whichever ISP you go with, more than likely they'll give you a modem. That's how they bring you teh internetz. I don't know which ISP to recommend as far as affordability and reliability. I have Comcast, but they are kinda pricey. Maybe Xanadoo? They're sorta new to the game but their prices have dropped.

    As for wifi, you will need a wireless router. I bought a refurbished Netgear router on newegg.com for about $35. I use wireless-N, which is the fastest (local network) speed available, but you would do just fine with any router that's wireless-G capable. Most of them are anyway.

  3. I miss "free" internet, too! We had AT&T wireless internet for about $20ish a month, which wasn't bad at all...except when you've been getting it for "free" for so long, any price just sucks!



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