03 February 2010

Better Late Than Never Or Whatever

I love doing car-related activities with my brother. I don't have any knowledge of what I'm looking at, but I can tell it's cool and I know someone put their heart and soul into their work. It's a lot of fun to stop and ask questions, learn about people and their experiences and momentarily share in their passion for fast cars, rebuilds, rat rods, bitchin' paint jobs, artwork and the list goes on.


In today's society, too much weight is placed on people going to a four-year college and landing some sort of dream job behind a desk. There's a huge portion of the population who do not fit that mold and with their mechanical ability, interest, creativity and perseverance, they put together some amazing machinery. It's fun to travel to events like the Hunnert Car Pileup and be around so many passionate people who are willing to take risks and push the envelope to develop something unique and intriguing. The imagination knows no bounds and watching others bring their fantasies and outlandish visions to life - human beings fascinate me.

Hunnert Car Pileup

I communicate with a few car guys on flickr and the other day I received a comment via email by a guy in California named Jeff McCann. He said, "Your eye for the unique details of the hobby shows in your images. Wish that there were more photo journalists like yourself." He called me a photojournalist! Wow! That's some compliment coming from a guy who's had a 40-year career painting bikes and - just check out his photography collection.


Sorry about my delay in posting this story. Better late than never, or whatever it is that procrastinators say to make themselves feel less guilty for putting off something that should've been done months ago.

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23-hour Service, really?

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  1. It's sad to say, but my automobile skills are limited to changing a tire. Anyone with the ability to change the oil, nevertheless restore a gorgeous piece of machinery shown is amazing!



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