09 February 2010

Monster Mistake

Saturday night I went to the dome to watch monster trucks. It was fun.

Monster Mutt. Just before the crash. on Twitpic

I enjoyed a great walk across Eads Bridge where I was rewarded with this view of Downtown St. Louis:
Walking across Eads Bridge on Twitpic

And then 45 minutes later I realized I didn't have my wallet.

So that's awesome.

Feel free to shower me with comments that make me feel less of an eeediot and also less worried about someone running around with my license and cancelled debit card.

Listening to: This American Life - What I Should've Said

1 comment:

  1. Eh, don't feel bad darlin'! I've done that so many times (lost my wallet...I've only seen Monster Trucks twice).

    How crazy are those ginormous trucks?!?! I think I should trade my little Beetle in for one...(;



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