05 February 2010

Duh, Jeannette

My hair is long. It hangs there, dangling in front of my big boobs.

Day 362: Me, after work.

I stopped to talk to a friend of mine about two weeks ago because I'd heard his wife cuts hair. She does. Instead of just asking for her number, I decided to go into this whole explanation about how the last girl who cut my hair did not cut it evenly. "See how the right side is about an inch longer than the left," I say as I begin fondling my hair - right in front of my nipples.

"Jeannette, I can't hear a word you're saying because you just gave me permission to stare at your boobs."

I guess I did. Woops.

"Just give me the number, Doug."

Listening to: This American Life - Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time


  1. At least Doug was honest.

    I just got my hair cut for the first time in an entire year! Not too unlike you - I was trying to grow my hair out, but they kept cutting it short even when I showed them specific pictures! Now it is long enough there is no way they could mess it up - although crooked I had not considered.

  2. Are you thinking of chopping it or just a trim? Mine is way to long. Lazy me!

  3. @HalfPint
    --- It was my first haircut since the summer of 2007. And the chic messed it up in more ways than one. The concept of "no way they could mess it up" doesn't really exist; they can always find a way to mess it up.

    --- Mine is really long, too. I do like it long, but part of my problem is that I don't like to spend any length of time fixing my hair. I like to let it air dry with its natural waves, though I'll sometimes straighten it.

  4. Youi're right on about finding ways to mess up hair. Girl, the bad cuts I've had...

    I hate hate HATE having to find someone good to cut my hair. I swear that once I find someone I like s/he leaves the country.

    I'm curious to see your search logs after "Dangling" and "big boobs" in thise post. ;)



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