30 March 2010

I dream of bloody baby bunny body parts

Texts, from me:

2:57 am
Had dream that I mowed over a nest of four bunnies, then scavenged for bloody baby bunny body parts like they were Easter eggs. It was a beautiful spring day and I didn't seem to mind picking up the body parts. No different than picking up turds, apparently.

3:02 am
I prolly dreamed that because I ate two of Kelly's boneless wing ding things at dinner. The bunny body parts were saucy, like the food, except furry, cuz it was bunny pieces.

Day 120: I need rest

I'm sure there's a logical explanation.

Listening to: not much of anything at this time of day


  1. I actually did mow over a baby bunny nest long ago. However, I did not pick up the parts, our cat did though.

  2. I'm not sharing wing ding things with you anymore. This is disturbing.

  3. Nice to know that I'm not alone in the dream state of WTF?



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