05 March 2010

Please excuse the crazy

I work with one of the guys who owns my building. I've told him how sometimes when I take a shower the lady upstairs stomps on the floor and bangs on the wall the entire time the water is running. I mentioned it again last week, so this afternoon he came to my office to explain that she has migraines and the sound of my shower is making it worse.




Say that again?


I'm torturing the migraine-afflicted woman by... showering?


It took you nine days to come up with that response?

I guess when you think about it, jumping up and down on her floor for twenty minutes or so (I'm a long shower-er) relieves the pain I'm exacerbating by-- running water, you know, when I shower.

Makes sense. (Not.)

He also explained the reason behind those crazy fights with her daughter:
she's schizophrenic and doesn't always take her medicine.

And he wasn't joking.

¡Ay, caramba!

Listening to: the voices in my neighbor's head


  1. I'm not even sure what to say to this. I find it entertaining which makes me feel bad that I'm enjoying your pain :/

  2. Wow and I thought living in The Hood was weird.

  3. Yeah, you know that I have had migraines my whole life. If I had a really bad headache I could imagine that someone taking a shower might hurt me but I would never ever be able to jump up and down if it was that bad of a headache. I'd be laying in bed trying not to die.

  4. Thank you for all the great posts from last year! I look forward to reading your blog, because they are always full of information that I can put to use. Thank you again, and God bless you in 2010.



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