22 April 2010

If there's a problem- Yo, I'll solve it

Life is full of possibilities - and problems. Whether big or small, I came up with a step-by-step plan that should hopefully will guide me through the problem-solving process.

1. Analyze Situation
2. Identify Problem
3. Find a Solution
4. Implement Solution (Solve the problem)
5. Move Forward

Day 095: You can get through this

After a particularly rough week, I was talking to my mom about this and she said, "But, Jeannette, it's not always that simple." And she's right. So let me go over the fine print.

1. Analyze Situation
This may happen over a period of several days where you go mental and black out. Don't worry, you won't have any idea that you're going mental or that you're blacking out certain events. Typically you'll find out when friends say things like, "What do you mean by 'I feel like I never see you any more'? I was just at your apartment on Wednesday!?" The very process of analyzing a situation can increase your stress level tenfold. You'll be stressing out anyway, may as well talk it over with friends and family - let them help you find a path toward clarity.

2. Identify Problem
You may need to score some Xanex; it'll help you cool your jets and think clearly (see #1). While you're busy analyzing the situation, try to consciously think about what's really happening. And, again, the bigger problems require an outsider's view; be sure to talk things over with those you're closest to.

3. Find a Solution
The solution should slowly start to reveal itself during steps one and two. Don't let it get too complicated. Try to whittle your solution down to something easy and manageable. I tend to see most solutions as a multi-step process. Regardless of how you see it, put it on paper. A long time ago I saw some quote that something along the lines of, "People who achieve their goals put their plans on paper."
(I could've looked for the quote, but I was worried it was some sort of salesy quote to get people to buy Franklin-Covey planners (I kind of think it was) - but whatever.)

4. Implement Solution (Solve the problem)
See, I told you to write your solution on paper. If you had done what I asked, you'd be following a checklist that you wrote way back in Step 3.

5. Move Forward
It's done. Move on. None of this wondering about "What if I had... I should have... I could have...." You can't change the past. You made a decision, created a plan and implemented it. You have to think about the possibilities while you're searching for a solution, not after you've implemented the solution.

Move along, please.

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08 April 2010

A little bit about me

I have a small camera that I take everywhere. I don't upload the majority of my photos to flickr, but I enjoy taking pictures of completely random things as a way to document whatever I'm seeing. I've been toying with the idea of doing a different 365 project, where I'll take a photo a day for a year...Maybe I should just start it?

For now, here's a sampling of what was on my camera when I downloaded the photos the other night. What does this say about me?

Nico's Breakfast
I like circles. I take photos of them quite often.
Nico's breakfast

Hard Boiled Egg, Sliced
I told you I like circles. Why don't you view my Hip to be Square-d Circle collection.
Hard Boiled Egg, sliced

Self-Portrait, with Chelsea
I've always loved that giant Santa statue; as a kid, it signified the half-way point on the trip to Bowling Green, KY to visit family.
Chelsea and I, saying hello to Santa

Damn, those ham and beans were good
I wish I would've taken more photos while we were in Kentucky.

Green Onions and Radishes
I like the way these onions were displayed in a vase.

Tile Washing
Marshall buried a turd in a pile of tiles and I had to clean them. That was a surprising discovery.
Washing off these bad dudes... because Marshall buried a turd in a pile of tile

Brick Path
My dad made a path with found bricks.

Beer Sign = Tarp for a leaky roof
For months and months this giant beer sign has been draped over the roof, serving as a tarp until it's repaired. They don't seem to be in a hurry.
Beer sign = tarp for a leaky roof

I made a mushroom quesadilla and guacamole, and then washed it down with a glass of ice cold milk.

My Fridge
This is what my fridge looks like now. I wonder what it'll look like after I move?
Hip hip hooray! I'm moving at the end of the month!!!
My fridge

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