08 April 2010

A little bit about me

I have a small camera that I take everywhere. I don't upload the majority of my photos to flickr, but I enjoy taking pictures of completely random things as a way to document whatever I'm seeing. I've been toying with the idea of doing a different 365 project, where I'll take a photo a day for a year...Maybe I should just start it?

For now, here's a sampling of what was on my camera when I downloaded the photos the other night. What does this say about me?

Nico's Breakfast
I like circles. I take photos of them quite often.
Nico's breakfast

Hard Boiled Egg, Sliced
I told you I like circles. Why don't you view my Hip to be Square-d Circle collection.
Hard Boiled Egg, sliced

Self-Portrait, with Chelsea
I've always loved that giant Santa statue; as a kid, it signified the half-way point on the trip to Bowling Green, KY to visit family.
Chelsea and I, saying hello to Santa

Damn, those ham and beans were good
I wish I would've taken more photos while we were in Kentucky.

Green Onions and Radishes
I like the way these onions were displayed in a vase.

Tile Washing
Marshall buried a turd in a pile of tiles and I had to clean them. That was a surprising discovery.
Washing off these bad dudes... because Marshall buried a turd in a pile of tile

Brick Path
My dad made a path with found bricks.

Beer Sign = Tarp for a leaky roof
For months and months this giant beer sign has been draped over the roof, serving as a tarp until it's repaired. They don't seem to be in a hurry.
Beer sign = tarp for a leaky roof

I made a mushroom quesadilla and guacamole, and then washed it down with a glass of ice cold milk.

My Fridge
This is what my fridge looks like now. I wonder what it'll look like after I move?
Hip hip hooray! I'm moving at the end of the month!!!
My fridge

Listening to: Julia Sweeney - God Said, Huh? (This American Life, Act Two)


  1. I think it says you're hungry!

    Where are you moving to? New place or new city??

  2. Yeah I want to know too - where are you moving? And.....you put ice in your milk? Me Too!! As a kid I was teased for putting ice in my milk, but it usually just is NOT cold enough - now I keep my fridge so blasted cold for the milk that the vegetables freeze in their drawer....but the milk is cold enough I won't have to put ice cubes in to be teased.

  3. You have a thing for circles, I have a thing for arches. Arched doorways, etc. Very peaceful and pleasing to me.



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