06 May 2010

Nothing particularly significant, just a huge impact

The last few weeks have been stressful, exhausting and just a lot to deal with. It's nothing more than normal life ups and downs and if we compare me to most any human on the planet, I'm dealing with nothing, really. But I have been feeling overwhelmed.

Whatever, no big deal. Anyway...

Let me cut out many important details of tonight and focus on this one thing.

I invited myself to a family dinner. And while I experienced a wide variety of awesomeness, the best part (and there were a lot of 'best parts' tonight) was having someone sitting across the dinner table from me say:

Every time you look at me, I smile. I don't know why. You make me smile.

That was it. Just a comment in passing, a thought spoken.

And it amazed me.

There was nothing particularly significant, but in one fleeting moment two people made a huge impact on each other.


Shadow Games

Listening to: Gorillaz. Might I recommend: Fire Coming Out of The Monkey's Head; Tomorrow Comes Today; Rock The House; Dirty Harry; El Manana

PS - I was going to link to some Gorillaz stuff on yotutube, but the commercials turned me off.

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