28 June 2010

Filling you in on my klutzy escapades. And please enjoy the music.

At the end of every post I include what I'm listening to at the moment because I ALWAYS listen to music, always - and the style is varied. I'm thinking of moving the category to the top of my posts so that maybe ya'll will get exposure to some music you might not normally listen to. Today's post is brought to you by The O'Jays - Forever Mine.

I want to write more frequently, but I don't seem to have much to say. Same old, same old... the no-job/recently-bought-house fiasco has been downgraded from Overly Depressed to Freaking The Eff Out. Meanwhile, I think it'll all work and it'll be all good. So, I keep trying to tell myself, Meh.

Working on this mosaic during the last week has kept my mind occupied (almost finished!):

Otherwise, I've just been doing stuff like this:

And being very klutzy.

On Thursday I fell in the yard, twisted my ankle and bruised/cut up my knees. The next day I fell again, this time backwards down a few concrete steps and according to Travis, "Your butt killed my aloe plant!" Saturday, I sat down to enjoy a piece of carrot cake... except there was no chair in sight so I busted my ass, hard. The next day I knocked a box fan out of a window sill and it landed on my head. I've not hurt myself yet today.

Otherwise, you can keep up with my daily life by following my Year In Photos project.


  1. Love the retro kitchen stuff, it really brings back memories. It's harder and harder to find houses with them, now. So, when you DO see, them, they are special!

  2. You need a helmet. A big one to hold all your hair and it should be purple and sparkly and have a place for your bandages.

  3. Hey, any blog with spaghetti in the title I just had to check out. This is really some good stuff....Nora



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