05 August 2010

Me Blog You Long Time

I hate to be one of 'those people' who apologize for not updating their blog for a longer-than-self-desired period of time, so I won't be. If I had written anything in the last month it would have surely resulted in at least one death by boredom. Who wants to read complaints about many job applications/inquiries sent, receiving no response, or the very few replies being of the 'thanks but you suck' variety? Fortunately, to try and balance the negative stories with positive, I may have included something about that one cool dog wash, or mowing my grass, or sweeping my floors but never mopping because I hate that shit. Besides those mundane events, I haven't been doing much except riding my bike through a really cool cemetery near my house. Oh, and I went to a Zumba class and then played Raquetball with Lynne. See? You're glad I haven't been updating my blog.

Last weekend I had a lot of fun with my family. Heck, there were seven or eight people in my house .... all at once. Totally new experience on my end because, if you've known me for any amount of time, you know I'm not much of an entertainer. You will know this because you've never visited my place of residence. If you've seen my new house, consider yourself lucky; if I've invited you over and you didn't follow up on my invite, consider yourself screwed. I just, well, prefer to meet up with people in a mutually agreeable location, elsewhere. Unless you bring Scattegories and Cranium. Lots of fun, those games.

Scattegories taught me that Lynching might be an acceptable reason to miss school or work. Smith is not an acceptable response to 'name of a famous author' (while someone with the first or last name of Smith probably has written a book, we need you to be more specific, Amy). Maybe I should take back that last statement because Amy also answered 'Shank' to the phrase Name of a Weapon. I also learned that Thisily is not the capital of any foreign country; it's not even a place. And it has been verified that people are not allergic to Hydrogen, though a select few are allergic to Hydrogen Peroxide.

Cranium was a lot of fun, too. One minute, someone is drawing a picture with their eyes closed while their team mates try to figure out what they are drawing (toupee! lifeguard!). The next, someone is sculpting Play Doh while their team mates try to figure out what it is (toothbrush! banana split!). Or humming the tune to a song while others guess (Like a Virgin! Love Shack!). Or acting out a person (Jim Carey, Zsa Zsa Gaor)... Acting out a TV show (Leave it to Beaver).... Spelling a word backwards.... Adding all the prime numbers from 1 to 100.... finishing a 'famous' phrase.... You get the idea. And it was so much fun!

My family is incredibly awesome. We all love each other, show support and tease each other. (Dear Chelsea: Dirty Little Whores For Sale, black eyes, beating with sticks. Syran wrap and pee. Coat and pee. Green dress and pee. Hockey table, Goosebumps and pee.) As you might imagine, lots of laughter ensued over the weekend. Seeing each other for the major holidays really isn't enough.

Fireworks, Origami style. on Twitpic

The Big News

I started a new job and to be quite honest, it's my dream job, if one were to have a dream about being gainfully and satisfyingly employed. Considering I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up, other than happy, learning new things every day, helping others.....for me this a dream come true. Nothing lucrative or like, requiring me to suit up (yes!!!) --- but I'm excited for this next adventure. Now that I'm going to be working and interacting with people nearly every day, I might actually post a blog more than once or twice a month.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, no I am not working in an Origami factory. I made that thing over the weekend during a nearly-three-hours long paper-folding session. I'm working in a Health Foods Store.

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