26 October 2010

Inspiration: it's weird and cool

I find inspiration in the most unexpected places so I shouldn't be surprised that yesterday and today I was told by two different people that I had inspired them.

I've worked in the health foods store for just shy of three months. A lot of food gets damaged so it's either left in the back for employees or given as free samples to customers. The food is perfectly edible, think dented soup cans and fruit that is ripe or bruised, so it drives me nuts that a lot of this ends up in the garbage; not too terribly much, but an average of two boxes of food a week. I talked to the Outreach Coordinator about it a few times and yesterday Tim said, "You inspired me. I've already been in contact with organizations who are going to come and pick up food; a church who feeds homeless people is coming later today to get three bins of peppers and some other stuff."


Six weeks ago I received an email from a guy I grew up with, also named Tim, who recently moved to China to teach English and American culture. He wrote me a short message about sight-seeing, getting to know his surroundings and that he had been assigning English (American) names to his students. I was taken aback by the idea of renaming kids he didn't even know and it took me weeks to wrap my mind around this thought. After talking to a variety of people I realized my feeling was a cultural thing that his students likely did not share.

A couple of nights ago I finally responded to his email and explained that this caused such a delay, and for whatever reason, I followed that statement up with, "Can you show them a picture or two of me and ask them to assign me a name? I did a self-portrait project and I literally have hundreds from which to choose. Let me know what you think!" I attached five pictures, asked a few questions and then sent the email.

Weirdo. Seriously, what is wrong with me? What kind of person does that? A boundaryless weirdo, that's who.

Tonight Tim responded to say that I had inspired him. "Now...I have developed a whole lesson on giving you a Chinese name. I'll show them the pictures, break them up into groups, and have them give you a Chinese name then give a small presentation on why. I have a small camcorder. I'll film the presentations and send them to you."

Seriously, how effing cool is that!? I am so stoked to get the videos - I can't wait!

And hooray for no more wasted food!

Jeannette, Hunnert Car Pileup
One of the photos these kids will have when they decide on a name for me.

Listening to: Unsane - Against the Grain


  1. What's Chinese for 'bad-ass chic who looks like she's about to kick your ass'?

  2. I would call you Lia Sin. I think it captures the essence of your expression in the photo.

  3. So, did you get a Chinese name?



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