02 October 2010

The Lowest Wage Legally Possible

I love blogging; not only writing my own, but also reading the writing's of others. It's allowed me some great opportunities and introduced me to some amazing people. However, lately I've neglected my blogging community. I'm spending a lot of time strengthening the footing in my every day life. I'm finally working, again, after a second unemployed stint in a tough economy. I'm actually working a job that I thoroughly enjoy, but I also know this isn't a future for me.

When I entered the corporate world of Banker's Hours and incredible benefits back in 1998, I never envisioned myself retracting toward a minimum wage position with zero benefits. The money was good. The benefits were incredible. But being in an office is not for me. 8-5 Monday through Friday is not for me. A sanitized environment with both limiting and limitless possibilities is not for me. I'm always struggling with what I should be when I grow up, and whatever it is, spending the majority of my time sitting at a desk is not for me. I entered Corporate America to escape minimum wage, but now I would rather make the lowest wage legally possible and do something meaningful and full of human interaction. I would rather struggle financially than be trapped in an office behind a desk.

I had a great conversation with my manager on Friday where he reminded me that identifying what I don't want is easy. Finding what I want will be more challenging, but if I don't figure it out I'll never realize my full potential. And I have to be more specific than "help people, be creative, make enough to make ends meet and have money left over to build savings and travel." That's a nice flowery statement, but too general.

A day or two before that I had a conversation with a friend who explained that I have to do, not think, and not think about doing; I have to identify and eliminate obstacles, move forward and accomplish what my mind imagines. But the only thing I imagine is making enough money to pay my bills, save, and save for travel. This thought is stifling my creativity and I need to be more imaginative than I am currently being. At the same time, it's my only thought. I have to stop thinking about money, focus on identifying my goals, and find my direction.

Imagining myself moving the obstacles I've created in my own mind.

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  1. Funny - I feel like I am where you are. Dawson goes to Kinder next year and that was the time plan for me to return to working. Only now I don't know what work I want to do. "help people, be creative, make enough to make ends meet and have money left over to build savings and travel." sounds like a perfect plan to me - as it is my current goal, but what that looks like is completely different. Does it look like going back into counseling and using the degrees the student loan ppl say I finished and they paid for.......or is it opening a bakery and feeding ppl that might not be able to feed themselves all the time? Run for school board? Take a job with school hours to be home with the kids? Ack.....too much thought - just do huh? Easier said then thought really.
    You are wonderful Miss Jeannette - you will always end up right side up helping others.

  2. HELP! I'm stuck in the corporate world. I'm a slave, but I'm making very good money with incredible benefits.


    There's gotta be a better way.

  3. Go be creative, my friend. You have it in you and you also have this really wonderful part of your life that's going on right now. I love that you work at my favorite store!



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