08 November 2010

Earlier that day

Merely hours before we hit that deer, Jeff and I were driving along when I saw an abandoned house and said that I'd love to go investigate. Without hesitation he circled back, telling me I had five minutes. (Yesss!!!)

I stepped into the house through a curious window.

The Entrance to That Old House

And then I walked around inside, wondering.

I thought about Christmas, birthdays, special days and regular days. I imagined a variety of families enjoying life in that old house. I wondered about the many people who have lived here and ohh, probably at least one creepy person lived here, too. Where'd everybody go?

04 November 2010

We hit a deer and I didn't like it

A few weekends ago I took a one day road trip to Keokuk, IA as the passenger of a Mazda Protege which had been in its owner's possession for exactly nine days.

My Point of View

Sometime around 8:30 pm, maybe five miles east of Quincy, IL, a deer stepped out in front of us. We swerved, it ran forward and we collided. The deer hit the hood, some car parts and possibly deer parts exploded and then the entire deer bounced off the car over the driver's side. We kept going.

The whole thing happened in a couple of seconds:

Continue driving.

It's so weird how mellow the whole event was.

We drove for a good 30 minutes or longer before the car started steaming and overheating. We made it to to an exit and the car died as we approached the top of the exit ramp, but we were able to coast into a gas station where we waited for a family member to come get us. And then we rode home, arriving later than expected.

The car was totaled.

This post's title was inspired by Katy Perry's 'I kissed a girl and I liked it.'

Listening to: The White Stripes - Red Rain


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